MasterPoint is the back-end ERP companion system to CenterPoint. MasterPoint leverages information generated by CenterPoint to supply engineering-accurate information to the production floor. Additionally, it uses bill of material data to streamline your production scheduling, purchasing, shipping and invoicing processes.

Highlights Include:

  • Highly advanced, real-time ERP specific to the window and door manufacturing business.
  • JIT production scheduling and capacity control, inventory forecasting, purchasing, shipping management, and billing modules.
  • Real-time visibility and tracking of order status and location through barcode technology.
  • A unified system with CenterPoint.
  • No re-keying of orders means no human error. A single front-to-back solution eliminates the need for complicated integrations and maintaining multiple product catalogs or BOMs.
  • Full automation of “day-to-day” tasks such as production batching and printing, purchasing, billing, and inventory monitoring, with email alerts to users when something requires their attention.
  • Direct control of shop floor equipment such as saws, welders, glass tables, CNC machines and more, as well as fully electronic communication to vendors and customers for purchase orders, order acknowledgements, shipping confirmations, invoices, and other documents.
  • Less expensive, faster, and industry specific as compared to “Big ERP.”