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Manufacturers want to arm their sales team with tools to help them sell more; modules to help present product, offer additional features, or upselling capabilities is something the market is hungry for. Our goal is understand what manufacturers and end-users need to increase sales, we have done this through research and will continue to develop products to support industry needs. Manufacturers are looking for ways to lower their total cost of sales and ongoing maintenance of selling across the various channels, thus leveraging a central data model that we support with our “One Catalog. Everywhere.” platform. This is truly leveraging their investments across all their selling channels and consolidating disparate legacy solutions. The configuration experience is also evolving to a guided selling experience, leveraging historical data to increase sales and improve the customer experience. Our “One Catalog. Everywhere.” strategy is key for manufacturers, and allows for time and money savings. Taking one product catalog and using throughout all selling channels (i.e. dealers, retailers, in-home sellers, consumers, etc.) reduces catalog maintenance and speed to market.