Stores & Lumberyards


The Reseller System provides a centralized quoting and order entry system to companies who buy and resell special-order products from multiple vendors across a variety of stores or yards. This allows users to generate a single quote for their customer, regardless of the number of vendors it encompasses. Vendors can build catalogs using WTS Paradigm Catalog tools and publish to the resellers. Manufacturers that already have a WTS Paradigm Catalog can publish this same catalog, enabling yet another sales channel to use the powerful WTS configuration tools, and giving real depth to the One Catalog. Everywhere. mission.

Highlights include:

  • Standardized quoting experience for store users. Users no longer have to use separate quoting systems provided by each vendor. Each end user will have a consistent user experience for each vendor catalog allowing them to generate a consolidated quote for a customer containing product from all vendors.
  • Easy-to-use interface for shoulder-to-shoulder selling with customer. The reseller system takes advantage of a visual, customer-friendly interface. Errors are reduced and the emotional connection is made with the customer as they are able to see an exact visual representation of the item they are ordering.
  • The reseller system simplifies the quoting experience, making it easy and fun for anyone to use, including the customer.
  • Reseller pricing control. Resellers can control markups and promotions from a centralized module allowing end users to provide accurate, competitive pricing to customers.
  • Data analysis opportunities. All quotes across every store are saved on a central server. This allows capturing valuable sales data for closing ratios per store, by user, across vendors, and also the ability to see trends in selling behavior at the option level.
  • Simple and timely vendor catalog publishing. Vendors use our Catalog Tools for generating catalogs and through the Catalog Publishing module the catalog is delivered electronically to the reseller with only a few clicks.
  • Superior catalog quality. Catalogs are constantly updated, which allows resellers to see details on what has changed in a vendor’s catalog and that it passes defined testing criteria.