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Our Implementation Methodology

WTS Paradigm not only delivers the industry-leading building products configurator software, but delivers professional implementation services to provide industry and technical expertise, business process consulting, and project management for our customers to implement our systems. We know that purchasing software is a significant investment and your company deserves the assurance that our software will be successfully delivered in scope, on time, and on budget. WTS Paradigm leverages a standard, proven implementation methodology to deliver our systems to our customers.


  • Initiation – Engage with our Sales and Account Management Teams to request our products or services. Whether your business needs are related to implementing a new software system or an enhancement to your existing system; our Sales and Account Management teams will assist by defining and contracting the request, then aligning the appropriate Professional Services project team members to meet your company’s needs.
  • Requirements Definition – Once assigned, the WTS Paradigm project team member(s) will engage with your organization’s technical and subject matter experts to define the business and functional requirements associated with the request. These requirements and documentation activities can be performed through direct phone conversations (for smaller projects) or onsite Discovery sessions (for larger, complex projects). Our goal with defining and documenting your project’s business and functional requirements is to ensure we understand the business needs in order to meet your organizational expectations with our implementation and delivery. Back to Top


    • Design – In this phase of the implementation, the WTS Paradigm project team will work with our internal development teams, Product Leads, and system experts to translate your business and functional requirements into formal designs and supporting scope of work. In this phase, our services team leverages combined industry and system experience to offer best practice approaches to translate your requirements into a technical or system configuration-based design. The services team will prepare standard design documentation, document operational workflows, and system mock-ups or demonstrations to validate appropriate translation with your organization.
    • Construction – During the Construction phase, the WTS Paradigm project team will work with your organization to perform system configuration and software development to deliver your requirements according to provided designs. Checkpoints throughout the construction will allow your project team to ensure directional alignment. While WTS Paradigm developers will provide delivery of standard software, our Professional Services team will adapt our construction approach based on your project team’s needs and preferred approach. Our team can train members of your organization to enable them to fully own the system configuration, or work collaboratively with members of your organization to share the configuration work, or WTS Paradigm can manage the system configuration under the direction of your operational subject matter experts. Prior to beginning the Construction phase, our Project Manager will work with your organization to determine the best approach to meet your needs considering resourcing, costs, and project timelines.
    • Testing – While the WTS Paradigm services and development teams conduct thorough functional testing of the standard software systems, enhancements, and configurations we construct; we work closely with our customer teams to educate and prepare your project team to own the Testing phase of our implementations. Through our experience, we have found the most successful implementations are those in which there is strong operational buy-in and organizational understanding of the system being implemented. Testing is an important segment in an implementation to ensure we meet those critical aspects of the project. We will engage with your project team to assist in aligning your technical and subject matter expert teams to conduct functional, integrated, and user acceptance testing activities. We will collaborate with your organization to address needs and enhancements identified through testing by advising on the criticality of items found and managing delivery of required changes within the agreed upon project scope. A robust Testing phase is critical to a successful implementation and we will partner with your project team to establish a testing plan that will help ensure that success.
    • Deployment – Whether releasing a simple enhancement to a system that is already in live use, or deploying a complete new system to your organization; the WTS Paradigm project team will work with your organization to advise on key change management activities (such as training), define an appropriate deployment methodology, and assist with live system use support and stabilization activities.
    • Closure – At the conclusion of a project, our professional services team will work with your organization to validate original requirements were successfully met, confirm you are satisfied with the delivered product, and ensure your project and organization is in a position that is ready to move to post-live support and maintenance . Your account manager and project manager will then introduce you to your primary Support team representative and transition you to a post-live support model that meets your company’s needs. Back to Top


  • Maintenance & Post-Live Services –Following the initial implementation, the WTS Paradigm Support team will continue to work with your organization to assist with training needs, system optimization, functional enhancements, and maintenance activities. WTS Paradigm will assign a primary Support team member, in addition to your Account Manager, to ensure we meet your organization’s ongoing service needs. Back to Top